Pasta Specialties

Penne con Broccoli (sauteed in garlic and oil) – 10.50

Penne con Melanzane (fresh eggplant sauteed in tomato cream sauce with basil & onions) – 11.50

Penne Pesto (sauteed in a traditional basil sauce with pine nuts) – 10.50 / 13.50 con Pollo (with chicken)

Linguini Alfredo (linguini tossed with alfredo sauce) – 10.50 / 13.50 con Pollo (with chicken)

Linguini Calamari (calamari prepared with a spicy marinara sauce) – 12.95

Linguini con Vongole (clams sauteed in garlic and oil or marinara sauce) – 11.95

Ravioli Alfredo (puffs of pasta filled with cheese or meat served in alfredo sauce) – 10.95

Tortellini in Tomato Sauce (cheese or meat filled pasta rings) – 9.00 / 10.75 (in Meat Sauce)

Tortellini Alfredo (spinach pasta rings filled with cheese in alfredo sauce) – 11.50